Rookie Male Artist Bro’s Debut Single “That Kind of Guy” Stirs Controversy for Negative Lyrics About Women

Rookie male artist Bro has been the talk of the town for the past couple of days.

Bro recently released his debut single, “That Kind of Guy,” which has stirred up some controversy from the public. However, the song is gaining popularity at the same time.

“That Kind of Guy” reached #1 on music charts for Soribada and Bugs Music as of 10AM KST on March 24. It also ranked #3 on Mnet, #5 on Naver and #11 on Melon.

The subject of the matter is in the lyrics. For example, “A guy who may not be handsome but has a broad chest for you to lean on and rest / That kind of guy would be crazy to date someone like you / You have a conscience / If guys who aren’t that great keep coming to you, that means you’re not that great either.”

Also, “A kind of guy who takes you to the ocean when you want to get away / A guy who is tall and while he may not be an heir, a guy who is at least 180cm and makes 60k a year / No matter what nonsense you say, a kind of guy who smiles brightly and stays cool / If I could be that kind of a guy, if I’m the kind of guy who you can fall for at first sight / Are you high? I would be crazy to date you / I want to enjoy life too / If you want a prince, then go to Saudi / But the catch is, they practice polygamy.”

Finally, “Even if you put airbags in your breasts and caterpillars under your eyes, there is one truth that can’t be hidden / You have an offensive face.”

These lyrics were criticized to be putting down women and sexist.

The music video to “That Kind of Guy” was also a hot topic, as it portrays the lyrics as if it was part of a Kakao Talk conversation.

What do you think about Bro’s “That Kind of Guy?”


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