TVXQ Goes on a Special Train Ride with Fans for 10 Years Anniversary Event

TVXQ debuted back in 2004, and has continued strong for the last 10 years through the support of their fans. In return, the group held a special event for their fans called, “TVXQ 10 Years Anniversary Train Trip” in which the group went on a special trip with selected fans. The competition to be selected for the event was tough as 180 special fans were chosen out of the 10,000 entries. Furthermore, fans who had entered in the special event included people from Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, and Singapore. 


The special day trip with TVXQ started with the singers and fans traveling to Jeonlanamdo Goksung by train. Throughout the train ride, TVXQ became their special attendants as the duo gave  announcements over the intercom, checked train passes, and went around greeting the passengers. When the train arrived at their destination, fans were able to spend the day touring a rose garden, riding a rail bike, and afterwards attending fan signing event where the fans were able to take photos with TVXQ. The memorable event was a reflection of TVXQ’s gratitude towards their fans and the support the group has received the last 10 years. 

We hope to see a 20 years anniversary event in the future!

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