Justin Bieber Shocks by Getting Korean Tattoos

Justin Bieber, who has been steadily amassing tattoos all over his body, has gotten himself a fresh set of tattoos which are both interesting… and shocking.

The Canadian pop star professed his love for Korea on Instagram on March 25, with a post that read, “I love you Korea.” This was accompanied by a picture of his freshly inked right arm.

Justin Bieber had gotten his name in Korean 비버 (Bieber) and a traditional Korean Hahoe mask inscribed on his inner right arm.

He had previously uploaded another picture earlier in the next day alongside tattoo artist Jo Seunghyun, “Love!!! seunghyunjotattoos great job man.”

Justin Bieber had a successful first concert in Korea, “Believe World Tour with AIA Real Music” in October 2013 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.

Justin Bieber's Korean Tattoos
Justin Bieber's Korean Tattoos