Clara’s Plans to Set Up Her Own Company May Lead to Potential Legal Issues

Clara might be getting into some legal issues regarding her management after announcing her intentions to start her own company.

For the time being, Clara’s aunt Han Young Ah is helping her with her management and spoke with MBC Star on March 25. “Clara’s contract with her previous agency, Martinkyle has expired. Rather than being in a big company, Clara will start her own company with the help from her father Lee Seung Kyu,” she said.

However, a particular news agency reported that there are still financial issues that remain with the agency that Clara was in before Martinkyle, which may become a potential problem. According to the report, after Clara joined Martinkyle on June of 2013 for a contracted term of three years and four months, Martinkyle was supposed to send 10 million won per month for a total of 400 million won to Clara’s previous agency. However, this transaction did not yet take place.

Sources from the Corea Entertainment Management Association (CEMA) stated, “Even if Clara’s contract with Martinkyle is up, if her previous agency decides to sue her, it might negatively affect her activities. If the agency requests for mediation, Clara might have to halt all activities.”

After this statement was released, Lee Jin Ho, who is in charge of Clara’s management, stated, “Clara’s contract with Martinkyle ended without any issues. There will not be any problems with Clara starting her own company. This matter is something that should be worked out between Martinkyle and the previous agency. It is not an issue for us.”

Meanwhile, Clara is currently acting in the popular tvN drama, “Emergency Couple.”