“Man from the Stars'” Shin Sung Rok Validates His Nickname By Imitating the KakaoTalk Dog

The psychopath from SBS‘ “Man from the Star” once again showed his uncanny resemblance to a well known figure. On March 25, musical actor Jung Won Young posted on his Twitter, “Aigoo.. How funny.” Along with the tweet, the musical actor posted a photo of actor Shin Sung Rok posing with the KakaoTalk dog doll. The funny photo showed Shin Sung Rok making the same expression as the doll, while placing his hands near his mouth as he imitated the doll’s pose.

man from the star

Although the actor played a psychopathic criminal on “Man from the Star,” the Shin Sung Rok had gained a nickname of KakaoTalk Dog from netizens as drama viewers had noticed the similarity between the two

With the photo that musical actor Jung Won Young posted of Shin Sung Rok, it seems that netizens were correct in pointing out the resemblance between the actor and the dog. As Shin Sun Rok currently features in the musical “King of the Sun” alongside Jung Won Young, the actor has been displaying more of his talents and charm.