Kim Woo Bin Learns How to Become Popular with the Elderly

On March 26, the “Four Sons One Daughter” production team revealed that Kim Woo Bin participated in the filming for the show at Chuncheon, Kangwon-do, and that “It was funny because nobody recognized him.”

Kim Woo Bin and the members of the show introduced themselves at the meeting hall of the village that they went to to meet their ‘parents,’ and when people were asked if they knew Kim Woo Bin, they said, “We know Kim Gu Ra, but who is Kim Woo Bin?” 

While Kim Gu Ra got a bit of a puff in his shoulders, Seo Jang Hoon comforted Kim Woo Bin, saying that “If you want the elderly to know your name, you have to appear on TV seven or eight times a week like Kim Gu Ra, not once or twice a year.”

The “Four Sons One Daughter” episode with Kim Woo Bin will air on March 28.

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