“1st Pictorial Records From TOP” Sells Out in 30 Minutes

The special edition copies of Big Bang member T.O.P’s photo book sold out as soon as it went on sale.

According to YG Entertainment on March 26, the special edition copies of T.O.P’s photo book in collaboration with photographer Hong Jang Hyun sold out in 30 minutes. The 999 special edition copies included T.O.P and Hong Jang Hyun’s autographs along with the copy number. The book went on sale through the YG eshop at 11 AM.

There are two versions of T.O.P’s first photo book, “1st Pictorial Records From TOP”: a special edition version and a regular version. The regular version was scheduled to go on sale on April 9.

However, due to the 999 special edition pre-order copies selling out in the matter of minutes, the regular version will also be available for pre-order purchase beginning on April 1 through April 8. 

Meanwhile, T.O.P journeyed to New York last December for a week to film the photo book with Hong Jang Hyun. The photo book consists of over 400 pages of pictorial shots. It also includes a 30 minutes worth of video pictorial. 

Big Bang T.O.P