Singer Lee Seung Hwan Talks about Actress Park Shin Hye Fondly

Some may not know that actress Park Shin Hye began her career under singer Lee Seung Hwan’s company Dream Factory. In fact, she began her training there as an actress, singer and musician after successfully auditioning for Dream Factory.

Lee Seung Hwan recently released his 11th studio album “Fall to Fly” on March 26, and referred to Park Shin Hye fondly during his interview at an event commemorating the album’s release. “I think it was meant to be that I let her go without any conditions.”

“I told her that if she stayed that Dream Factory, she wouldn’t be able to do well. I’m a bad producer. Even now on my cell phone, I only have the phone numbers of three PDs. And they are all my clubbing friends. It was clear that she would not get anywhere under my charge. I was really sorry in the beginning, but now I am thankful since she’s become successful.”

Lee Seung Hwan also tells the entertainers in his company to use public transport. Dream Factory is the only entertainment company located in Gangdong-gu. The singer referred to Dream Factory as being an outsider in terms of location.

“I thought that we should not be swept away by stardom. This is especially so for those who experience sudden fame and are unequipped to deal with it. They may encounter problems with character building. At that time, the trainees were all Park Shin Hye’s peers. I felt a deep sense of a responsibility for the first time when Shin Hye’s parents moved from Gwangju to Seoul for the sake of her future. I felt that if I couldn’t help them financially, I should be responsible for their daughter.”

He added, “She had to make friends so I made her attend classes in the morning. She was also free to date. I felt that she should have space to play while she was young. Among the trainees I had, Shin Hye is the most successful of them all and thankfully, she was able to grow up beautifully.”

“Fall to Fly” showcases Lee Seung Hwan’s originality which has remained the same even with the passing of time. Gathering the best staff to work on making a blockbuster album of quality and excellence, Lee Seung Hwan has no doubt raised expectations for his new album.