Park Hae Jin Sues 30 Netizens for Spreading Malicious Rumors

Park Hae Jin has taken legal action against netizens who spread malicious rumors about him.

On March 26, Park Hae Jin sued a certain netizen called “Lee” for defamation and a fine of 1.5 million won (around $1,500).

Netizen Lee pretended to be a high school colleague of Park Hae Jin and spread malicious rumors around the Web. This caused Park Hae Jin’s agency to take action.

His agency stated, “Every time we saw comments on news articles, baseless rumors spread by Netizen Lee were starting to be circulated like it’s the truth. We are also planning on suing other netizens for spreading those rumors.”

Park Hae Jin’s agency will be suing an additional 30 netizens. Sources from the agency commented, “An actor’s image is his life. Putting a negative light to the image has direct influence to the casting and advertisement contracts. We will be asking for damage fees.”

A recent movement of legal action has been taking place among celebrities. On March 24, Seol Kyung Koo and Song Yoon Ah topped headlines for suing malicious commenters. Last year, JYJ had also taken a stance against around 20 netizens. Other celebrities include IU and Song Hye Gyo as well.