B.A.P Takes on Australia, Travels to Four Continents for “Live on Earth” Tour

Boy group B.A.P has released the concert dates for their “Live On Earth” performances that will take place in Australia. With the addition of Australia, B.A.P is taking on four continents for their “Live on Earth 2014” concert tour. The group will hit Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia for this world tour.


Below is the schedule and ticket prices for the upcoming B.A.P concerts in Australia. 

Melbourne – May 8 2014, Thursday at Festival Hall

Sydney May 10 2014, Saturday at Big Top 

Ticket price for both cities:

VIP Standing – $189

A Seating: $159

B Standing : $99

Learn more about B.A.P’s concert dates for the U.S.A. They will be visiting New York, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles in the month of April. They will also perform in London, Paris and Düsseldorf before heading to Australia.

The group recently started their Live on Earth tour with concerts in Seoul on March 8 and 9. Below is B.A.P performing “Power” at the recent Seoul concert.