Nell: We Don’t Like Girl Groups, We Just Like Girls’ Generation

Recently Nell were guests on MBC FM‘s “Younha’s Starry Night Radio,” and the band expressed their views towards their colleagues in the music industry. On the March 25 radio broadcast, Nell members were asked about their thoughts and interest in girl groups. In response, Nell’s vocal Kim Jong Wan expressed, “It’s not that we like girl groups, we just like Girls’ Generation.” When asked which Girls’ Generation they liked, Kim Jong Wan responded, “We don’t like an individual member. We like it when Girls’ Generation members are all together, these days they call it full group.”

Furthermore, when Nell were asked about their thoughts on having made their comeback around the same time as popular girl groups, the band answered, “Since different genres of music were released, it is good that music listeners are able to listen to different kinds of songs.” In regards to receiving albums from their junior colleagues, Nell stated, “If we receive only one copy of an album, the member who likes that group the most gets to keep the album.” However, bassist Lee Jung Hoon humorously added, “A few years ago when we received a Girls’ Generation album I said to the other members, ‘I’m really sorry, but I really think that I should take this,’ and I remember I begged without any shame.”

Moreover, while discussing their junior colleagues, Nell also shared that they were close to CNBlue as the members revealed, “We contact each other and we have a friendly relationship. We also play soccer together; we play a lot.”

Hopefully Nell received four copies of Girls’ Generation’s latest CDs so that the members don’t have to fight over who gets to keep the album. Nell made their comeback in February with their song, “Four Times Around the Sun.”

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