F.Cuz Is Back after 2 Years With “One Love” MV

Male quintet F.Cuz (Jinon, Daegun, Raehyun, Kan, Yejun) is finally making a Korean comeback with a new digital single, “One Love.” The single and music video was released on March 27 on online music sites, for their first Korean comeback in 2 years since their 2012 digital single, “Dreaming I.”

While they’ve been absent from Korea, the group proved themselves as international stars last November, with their Japanese single “Change,” which hit number one on the Tower Records chart and the Space Shower TV K-Pop chart. With their new single “One Love,” F.Cuz will no doubt have the attention of Korean and Japanese fans alike.

Prior to the release of their new single, F.Cuz held a guerilla showcase at Sejong University on March 24, revealing their “One Love” performance for the first time. Not only did they hold the showcase, but they also personally provided coffee service for their fans with a coffee truck.

An official at F.Cuz’s agency Tunes-Will Entertainment said, “Because it is their first Korean comeback in 2 years, they’ve prepared for this new album as much as ever. Different from their usual powerful image, ‘One Love’ will showcase a much more smooth and sweet charisma.”

Check out the song in the music video below, with a bright color and sound befitting the coming spring!