100% Member Chanyong Cosplays as Spiderman on His Days Off

100% member Chanyong recently created a collage of all the photos taken of himself dressed up as Spiderman or indulging in his obsession with memorabilia related to the superhero. 

The photos were also shared on an online community and have been gathering interest from netizens for Chanyong’s cute Spiderman impressions. 

In the photos shown, Chanyong is seen recreating several different poses of his favorite superhero, relaxing with a Spiderman-themed neck pillow, shooting imaginary strings of web from on top of a building and relaxing in a Spiderman outfit while looking at a magazine. 

Fans who saw the photos commented, “Chanyong steals hearts on stage, but when you get to know him- he has child-like preferences,” “Next time, let’s see a Spiderman concept on stage!” and “What if he starts flying from building to building after this?” 

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