BIG BANG’s T.O.P Makes a Surprise Appearance at School Outing

BIG BANG member, T.O.P created a buzz by making a surprise appearance at one of his school outings.

In a recent post on Dankook University’s blog, multiple photos of T.O.P at a school outing were shared and aroused envy from many fans.

On March 25, T.O.P quietly visited his school in order to take the graduation exam. In order to encourage the school’s PR ambassador students, T.O.P made a surprise appearance at the group’s outing. The students prepared various school souvenirs and a teddy bear to present to T.O.P who visited the school after a long hiatus.  

In the photos, T.O.P is dressed in simple attire much different from his glamorous stage outfits. He socialized with many students and showed the image of any regular college student. He consented to the countless requests to take photos together and even enjoyed the drinking party.