“Infinity Challenge” PD Kim Tae Ho Talks About the Future of the Show

MBC “Infinity Challenge” PD Kim Tae Ho made a reference to the show’s ending at a special lecture at Kyeongin Women’s University on March 26, titled “PD Kim Tae Ho, Changing the Existing Variety System.”

According to participants who attended the lecture, PD Kim referred to “Infinity Challenge” ending its run, saying, “It’ll be a good time for the show to bow out in its 10th year at next year’s concert.” He was referring to the show’s biennial “Infinity Challenge Music Festival.”

While PD Kim added that this was just the planning stage, the fact that this reference came from the lips of the show’s director lent weight to his words.

However, MBC revealed on March 27 that there were no plans to take the show off air and that PD Kim’s words were his own individual thoughts on the matter. PD Kim clarified via MBC, “I did not directly refer to the ending of the show. In fact, I have already made special plans for next year’s 10th anniversary special. I was speaking for myself when I said those words because I’d like to a new challenge.”

“Infinity Challenge” started in 2005 and gained massive popularity. The show will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year in 2015.

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