Lee Da Hae: My Drama Character Is Different Than Jun Ji Hyun’s Cheon Song Yi

Lee Da Hae will be returning in a new drama, and the actress believes that her character will be completely different than that of Jun Ji Hyun‘s character in “Man from the Stars.” On March 27, the actress was present at the press conference for MBC’s upcoming weekend drama, “Hotel King.”

When asked if Lee Da Hae’s character in the drama will show the same clumsy personality as Jun Ji Hyun’s character Cheon Song Yi in “Man from the Stars,” Lee Da Hae clarified, “If you watch episode 1 and 2, you will understand that my character’s clumsy personality is displayed on purpose. My character is someone who has a secret due to the pain she has received from her father, so she is pretending to act clumsy and dimwitted. The character I play has a lot of emotions and many dark moments, so I had a difficult time trying to act out those emotional scenes. Her pain is all in the inside. Some people who may not know the story when watching the drama may think that there are similarities to Cheon Song Yi, but if they were to see her inner self they would see that she is different. Also, Jun Ji Hyun is a lot prettier than me, so you can’t even start to compare our characters to each other.”

“Hotel King” will follow Lee Da Hae’s character, hotel heiress Ah Mo Nae, in her effort to try and save her father hotel through the help of the hotel manager Cha Jae Wan, played by Lee Dong Wook. The drama will broadcast its first episode on April 5 at 9:55 PM (KST).

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