Eric Nam Reveals First Video Teaser for “Ooh Ooh” Feat. Infinite’s Hoya

Solo singer Eric Nam released his first video teaser for his upcoming single “Ooh Ooh” featuring Infinite’s Hoya through his agency’s official YouTube channel.

The video teaser shows Eric Nam getting prepped for the filming of his music video. The teaser also shows that there will be a brass band, and we can hear the energetic sound of the brass instrumental in the short audio teaser. Eric Nam also shows us that he’s been practicing in his dancing shoes with a few quick but smooth dance moves.

You can check out his previous colorful photo teasers here. Infinite’s Hoya also announced he would be featured in the song.

Eric Nam will be making his comeback with April 8 with the release of the full music video for “Ooh Ooh.”