Indie Band 10CM’s Kwon Jeong Yeol Announces Wedding at Exciting Concert

Indie band 10CM‘s Kwon Jeong Yeol announced his upcoming wedding with Kim Yoon Joo from the band Rooftop Moonlight at a recent concert on March 28 at Yonsei University in Seoul. 10CM was having a joint concert with Daybreak when Kwon Jeong Yeol released the news.

Kwon Jeong Yeol was surprised and elated when he saw the passion the fans had during the concert. He said “If I had known it was going to be like this, I would’ve done a longer performance.” Daybreak member Lee Won Seok then added, “You seem excited like a person with something good going on,” making a reference to the Kwon Jeong Yeol’s upcoming marriage. Kwon Jeong Yeol than proceeded to dance on the spot to show how exited he was, which made the crowd cheer.

Kwon Jeong Yeol and Kim Yoon Joo have been dating since 2012, and the two plan to get married on June 14.

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