Actress Chae Rim Gives a Status Update From China

Actress Chae Rim revealed her whereabouts through a recent photo she took on the set of a Chinese drama.

Chae Rim posted on her Weibo account, “Whenever I wear this kind of clothing, I feel very happy. Do all girls feel that way? Thank you to the staff of ‘Legend of Children’ for this new opportunity in life.” She included a photo with her message.

In the photo, Chae Rim is dressed in an orange-colored Chinese traditional clothing. Her glamorous costume, the decoration in her hair, and her graceful facial expression makes her look like a Chinese aristocrat.

Meanwhile, Chae Rim will be playing a comical role in the new Chinese drama, “Legend of Children.” The drama takes place in Chongquing in the 1920s. The drama is currently in the process of filming and will air in 2015. 

Chae Rim