“We Got Married” Couple Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young Hold Hands For The First Time

The newest couple on MBC’s “We Got Married” Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young held their hands together for the first time on the recently aired episode on March 29.

After finishing their meal, they went to Seoul’s “Street of Arts and Culture” Daehakro. While the production team gave them the mission of holding hands in public and giving each other kisses and to give a serenade to the wife, the couple looked like they were in shock when the word “kiss” was mentioned.

When Nam Goong Min first proposed to go to Daehakro, Hong Jin Young replied, “I was going to say the same thing. I think we connect.”

But when they arrived in Daehakro, the couple seemed very shy and instead of the kissing mission, Nam Kook Min took Hong Jin Young’s hands without a word.

During the personal interviews afterwards, Hong Jin Young said, “I think of all the couples that appeared on this show, we’re really fast in terms of physical affection” to which Nam Goong Min added, “I think kissing was going too fast so I just took her hands.”

Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young