Jung Joon Young Kneeling down in Front of Girls’ Generation Stirs Jealously for Jung Yoo Mi

Jung Joon Young kneeling in front of Girls’ Generation recently created some trouble for the Jung Joon Young – Jung Yoo Mi couple in the newly aired episode of MBC’s variety show “We Got Married” on March 29.

All this started when Jung Yoo Mi asked Jung Joon Young how he felt being the new MC for Mnet‘s music program “M! Countdown.” When she asked, “Did you do it well? But I saw the picture of you kneeling in front of the Girls’ Generation. Your knees are as light as a feather.” Jung Joon Young explained, “I had to give them the microphone, but I was too far away. I think in general all men want to kneel in front of Girls’ Generation.” His response seemed to have made Jung Yoo Mi feel more jealous.

On this day, the couple spent their date by attempting to create a fruit cocktail.

Jung Joong Young and Jung Yoo Mi

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