Narsha Makes Funny Cameo in “Emergency Couple,” Mistakes Choi Jin Hyuk as Pervert

Brown Eyed Girl‘s Narsha surprised viewers when she made a hilarious cameo appearance on tvN‘s “Emergency Couple” on the March 29 episode. 

Narsha came into the emergency room in a sexy black one piece as she sat on the hospital bed. Doctor Choi Jin Hyuk then asks Narsha to slightly move her dress so he can examine her lungs with a stethoscope. Narsha then comically replies “I came here for ear pain, so why do you want to use a stethoscope? Just check my ear.”

Choi Jin Hyuk then responds, “you said you had a fever and you are also coughing, so I would like to use the stethoscope. If you don’t like it, then let me use it on your back.” Narsha then responds “You’re really weird. Can’t you see? I’m wearing a one-piece. Why are you trying to see under my clothes?” Choi Jin Hyuk finally gives up and decides to check her ear, but as he goes to check her ear, he accidentally touches Narsha’s thighs leading to more misunderstanding. Choi Jin Hyuk eventually requests a woman doctor to check her.