Meet the Hotel Staff Of “Hotel King” through the New Character Stills!

MBC‘s upcoming drama, “Hotel King” has made sure that its characters properly convey the realities of a hotel from the characters’ actions to outfits. Despite the duties of the hotel staff to serve its guests, the hidden stories and the behind the scene preparations of the staff will be highlighted in the upcoming drama.

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In recently released still cuts of “Hotel King,” the different outfits and expressions of each character describe the attitude and mentality of those working for a seven-star hotel. As “Hotel King” takes place in the seven-star hotel, Hotel Ciel, the individual characters were prepared to portray the service of a top-notch hotel.

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Acting as Hotel Ciel’s general manager Cha Jae Wan, actor Lee Dong Wook was seen wearing a fitted suit with his hair combed to the side. Conveying a strict expression, Lee Dong Wook defined the demeanor of one responsible for the activities of the hotel. Contrasted to the uptight Cha Jae Wan, Im Seulong‘s welcoming smile displayed the positive, yet clumsy, personality of the hotel’s manager Sun Woo Hyun. Wearing a blue suit, Im Seulong’s character, Sun Woo Hyun, showed the proper respectful posture expected of the hotel staff.

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Furthermore, Park Chul Min‘s dramatic expression foreshadowed the unexpected incidences that would occur in the fast-paced hotel world. Lastly, the bright blue hotel outfits worn by VIXX‘s Cha Hak Yeon (N), Ji Il Joo, and Jewerly‘s Yewon highlighted the professionalism expected of the hotel staff. 

In order to create the most realistic hotel employee uniform for a seven-star hotel, the drama’s production team had sought the assistance of the arts team to create a brand new uniform design. A representative of the drama mentioned,” After reviewing the uniforms of hotels in Korea, we produced this new uniform. We created this special outfit in order to convey the seven-star Hotel Ciel.”

Furthermore, “Hotel King” has received attention for its focus on detail as all the actors had received formal hotel staff training. From posture to language, the actors were given instructions on how a hotel staff would act, talk, and serve the hotel’s customers.

The dedication to portray a realistic hotel once again heightened our anticipations for “Hotel King.” As the drama follows a hotel heiress’ attempts to protect her father’s legacy and hotel,the drama will highlight the behind the scene stories of the employees of a seven-star hotel. 

MBC’s “Hotel King” will broadcast its first episode on April 5 at 9:55 PM (KST).

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