Lee Byung Hun Cast in “Terminator: Genesis,” to Work with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor Lee Byung Hun has been cast in the Hollywood blockbuster film “Terminator: Genesis,” a reboot on the “Terminator” series. Specifics on his role have not been released, but it was said that Lee Byung Hun will be playing a key role in the film.

“Terminator: Genesis” is the start of a trilogy on the young life of Sarah and John Connor’s father, Kyle Reese. The first movie is tentatively set to premiere in North America in July of next year, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, and Jason Clark. The film will be directed by Alan Taylor, who most recently directed “Thor: Dark World.”

Lee Byung Hun has previously appeared in several Hollywood movies, including the “G.I. Joe” series and “Red: The Legend,” and it’ll be exciting to see what kind of role he will take in this new film.