Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness: Final Four

Welcome back to Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness! Intensity was the name of the game as the Elite Eight match-ups placed some of the most popular idols against each other in a heated dance showdown. Without a doubt, the fiercest battle of all was that between Mark versus KaiGOT7’s resident martial artist, coming fresh from his surprise victories over Taemin and Kahi, went head to head against the visual of one of today’s hottest idol groups. Almost immediately, it began to look like another clear win for Mark, who began the proceedings by pulling far ahead of the competition. But on the last day, the EXO fans charged full force to lend their support to Kai, and it was only a matter of hours before the game shifted in his favor. Finally, the GOT7 fans around the world put their voting power together to earn a last-minute win for Mark, 55 percent to 45. While we never would have guessed that a newbie would defeat three of the best-known dancers in K-Pop, we have to give the GOT7 fans credit for their dedication!

Almost as heated was the face-off between EXO’s other dancing machine, Lay, and Bora. SISTAR’s visual and main dancer held her own for awhile, but EXO fans came ahead to ensure a solid, albeit unsurprising, win for Lay. Finally, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon defeated BEAST’s Gikwang at 64 percent, and TVXQ’s Yunho won against MBLAQ’s Lee Joon by taking an astounding 90 percent of the votes. So in the end, the Final Four is very nearly an SMTOWN showdown! Congratulations to Hyoyeon, Yunho, Lay, and Mark!

Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness - Round 4

We’re also excited to announce a special deal for all of you who are participating in this contest! The publishers of the awesome and brand-new “Stars of K-Pop” are providing five complete sets to give to Soompiers. “Stars of K-Pop” is a fun new book that provides comprehensive details and photos of all the hottest K-Pop idols in the business. Get your vote in and comment below, and we’ll choose five random Soompiers to receive the boy and girl editions of “Stars of K-Pop.” For those of you who’d rather have a copy in their hands for sure, visit and enter promotion code SOOMPIDANCE to receive a 25% discount for Soompiers only! Free US shipping as well — what more do you need?


All right, it’s time for the contest to begin! Since this is the Final Four, we will provide two video clips of each contestant. Let’s start with Lay vs. Yunho!

EXO’s Lay (#2) vs. TVXQ’s Yunho (#3)

Get your vote in? Now it’s time for Hyoyeon vs. Mark!

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon (#1) vs. GOT7’s Mark (#7)

The polls will end on Sunday, April 6. Feel free to check out the results of the first three rounds. Be sure to share with your friends, vote often, and make your voices heard! We’ll be back this weekend with the championship game!

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