BoA and Derek Wear Bright Smiles at Premiere Of “Make Your Move”

Singer BoA recently shared a photo of herself with Derek Hough to promote their newest movie!

On April 1, BoA shared the photo on her Instagram account with the caption, “At the premiere with Derek! ‘Make Your Move‘ in theaters on April 18th!” 

In the photo, Derek Hough and BoA look cheerful while posing for the photo together. “Make Your Move” is BoA’s first Hollywood movie, where she acts as the love interest of Derek Hough’s character. They play the role of two dancers, Donny and Aya, who fall in love despite being from competing dance clubs.  

In other news, Girls’ Generation also contributed the song “Cheap Creeper” to the soundtrack for “Make Your Move.” 


Check out the trailer below!