Junggigo Hints at a New Collaboration: “Who’s Next?”

Junggigo, who just had huge success with his collaboration with SISTAR’s Soyu, taking over the tops of music charts with “Some,” recently released a teaser photo hinting at a new collaboration. In the photo, Junggigo is sitting next to an empty chair, under the words, “Who’s Next?”

His agency, Starship Entertainment, said, “For Junggigo’s new collab partner, it will be a rapper that transcends your imagination. Planning for a comeback in mid-April, they are currently recording.”

Junggigo has worked with rappers previously, including his debut in 2002, being featured in the hip hop duo Infinite Flow’s “Respect You,” and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of style Junggigo goes for with this new collaboration.

Soompiers, what about you? Who would you like to be next? Jay Park? Simon D? CL? Outsider