f(x) Member Krystal Models Sporty Style for “Puma” with Ahn Jae Hyun

Photos from f(x) member Krystal’s “Puma” pictorial have been released! 

Sports and lifestyle brand “Puma” released new photos on April 2 of Krystal in short training pants and a blue graphic tee. 

In one photo, Krystal showcased her slender legs with shin socks and trendy puma sneakers to complement her outfit. In another photo, Krystal pours some milk for her black cat out on the porch. 

Krystal is an endorsement model for “Puma,” along with “Man from The Star” actor, Ahn Jae Hyun. Several other photos from their “Puma” shoot feature the two stars sharing cupcakes. 

“Puma” brand representatives stated, “Anything Krystal wears is immensely popular with the young adult and early twenties group. Krystal models a sporty style that has personality. Those items will definitely be hot this season.” 

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