SHINee’s “Everybody” at Number 1 for 31 Weeks Straight, Coming Up on Shinhwa’s Record

SHINee’s “Everybody” has been at the top of Click! Music Star’s music chart for 31 weeks straight, threatening to take over Shinhwa’s record of 39 weeks at number one with their song “Venus.”

Netizen votes are the biggest deciding factor for rankings, and with 33% of the votes, SHINee has taken number one once again, proving the power of their fandom. Number two was a tight race between TVXQ’s “Spellbound” and CNBlue’s “Can’t Stop.” In the end, TVXQ came out on top with 24.4% versus CNBlue’s 21.1%.

4th place: Rain – “LA Song

5th place: SM the Ballad – “Breath

6th place: Girls’ Generation – “Mr. Mr.

7th place: B1A4 – “Lonely

8th place: 2NE1 – “Come Back Home

9th place: BTS – “Boy in Luv

10th place: BTOB – “Beep Beep

For Click! Music Star rankings, netizen votes count for 50%, the Bugs Music Chart counts for 30%, and comments 20%.

Currently, the vote is on for the number one song for the first week of April.

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