SHINee, B.A.P, and FT Island Rise to the Top of the Oricon Charts

SHINee has risen to the top of the Oricon chart with their DVD for “Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2013 ~Boys Meet U~,” which gathered over 220,000 fans. On the day that the DVD was released, it hit the top of the DVD daily chart.

Starting last year on June 28, SHINee hit nine cities in Japan, including Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagoya, for a total of 15 performances and 220,000 audience members. The DVD album contains the performances for 20 songs, including “Stranger,” “I’m With You,” “Why So Serious,” and “Lucifer,” among others.

SHINee wasn’t the only Korean artist to put their name up on the Oricon chart. Of their third single “No Mercy,” B.A.P sold over 21,764 copies on the day of the release, hitting number two on the daily single chart. FT Island, who just released their 13th single “Mitaiken Future,” also put their name on the number 3 spot of the daily single chart, having sold 14,190 copies.