Kang Ji Hwan Acts as a Thug in Upcoming Drama “Big Man”

Actor Kang Ji Hwan will be taking on a role of a character whose street credit earned him the public’s perception of a mean and apathetic thug.

The images released on April 3 previewed an action scene featuring Kang Ji Hwan chasing another man on a busy street. Acting as the character Kim Ji Hyuk, Kang Ji Hwan will portray the life of a man who grew up as an orphan, and now works two jobs in order to support himself. A sudden twist in his life intertwines the once poor thug with one of Korea’s wealthiest families and turns his life around, for better and for worse.

big man

A representative of “Big Man” commented, “We had to be very sensitive with traffic and the overall filming as there were a lot of action scenes. Despite the difficult filming, Kang Ji Hwan showed his usual smile and upbeat personality, brightening up the filming set.”

Moreover, Kang Ji Hwan expressed, “It is obvious for me to do my best and work hard as this drama was put together through the strengths of many people. Many people are doing there best to create the best drama, so as much as people have high expectations, I will repay such anticipation by working hard.”

Fans and drama viewers may have to wait a few more weeks to watch the drama, as “Big Man” has pushed back its broadcasting date. Originally set to air its first episode on April 8, Big Man will now broadcast its first episode on April 28, the same day “Doctor Stranger” is set to premiere. Despite the competition, a representative of “Big Men” stated, “We have confident in the script, and we believe this is a precious opportunity.”

SBS’ “Big Man” will show how a man’s once poor life becomes flipped once he becomes falsely known as a son of one of Korea’s wealthiest families due to the corrupt plans of the wealthy family to try and save their real son’s life. Viewers can anticipate to watch a showdown between Kang Ji Hwan, Choi Daniel, and the corrupt family in the upcoming new drama, “Big Man.”

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