Big Mama’s Park Min Hye to Make a Solo Comeback!

Finally, we will be able to hear a new song from Big Mama! Sadly, it won’t be from the full group, but it will be from the youngest member, Park Min Hye, as the singer will be releasing her solo album this month. 

The singer has finished recording for her new mini album, and with the finishing touches, fans can anticipate listening to new songs very soon. Although the singer had formed a duo with Shin Yun Ah and performed through Big Mama Soul, Park Min Hye’s comeback in the music industry will be the first in three years. As much as the wait had been long, fans of the singer can expect the album to be full of high quality melodies and vocals. 

Back in 2010, Park Min Hye had married her sound engineer husband and had been raising a happy family. However, the singer’s comeback this month added her to the list of diva singers who were planning to make their comeback in April, with Lee Sora making her comeback on April 8 and Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) following with her comeback on April 18. 

We can’t wait to hear the songs on the new mini album!

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