Mad Clown Makes Official Debut with “Without You” MV Feat. Sistar’s Hyorin

Rapper Mad Clown has made his official debut with the release of the music video for “Without You” featuring Sistar‘s Hyorin through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

“Without You” was produced by Bishop, who worked on the Korean version of the “Frozen” soundtrack. The song is about the emptiness that comes after an exhausting break up.

In the artistic and dramatic music video, Mad Clown is portrayed by model Jo Min Ho who expresses the dark and lonely feelings of being left alone.

Mad Clown made his name known to Korea with his duet with Hyorin’s fellow group member Soyou, “Stupid in Love.” Now working with Hyorin, “Without You” is sure to be another addictive track that puts Mad Clown in the spotlight once more.

Recently, Hyorin and Mad Clown took a photo together during their recording session.