A Pink Says Fans Even Worry About Their Skirt Length

Girl group A Pink recently sat down for an interview with Daily Sports and discussed the possibility of tackling a sexy concept in the future along with other topics. 

Q: Will A Pink be able to pull off a sexy concept?

A: (Chorong) Even if we were to reach an age where we’d be able to try different concepts, rather than a sexy image I think we would focus more on changes to performance-based aspects. There are members who like hip-hop and other members that like R&B. 

(Na Eun) When our album jacket image was leaked, there were a lot of fans that misinterpreted it as our attempt to take on the sexy image. Our fans are conservative. They worry a lot when our skirts become just a little shorter.

Q: Who do you think turned out the prettiest this time? 

A: (Ildong) Hayoung became really pretty. She also worked hard to stay on a diet. She cut her bangs for the first time and received a lot of compliments saying she really seemed like the maknae (youngest) now. Usually the comments will say that Chorong looks much younger. Haha. 

(Eunji) I also cut my hair short as well, but now people can’t exactly recognize me. It kind of upsetting when a fan had said, “Go back to your old hair.”

Q: What idol group catches your eye these days?

A: (Namjoo) I would have to say that BTOB is pretty amazing. They’re overflowing with charisma. They have this mischievous yet friendly aura about them, which is sort of similar to us in certain ways. Maybe it’s because we spent our trainee days together, but they’re like friends to us and are comfortable to be around.

Q: How long do you think A Pink will stay together for?

A: “We want to stay together until the very end. When we see Shinhwa, we’re very envious of them. Even though they’ve dabbled in other things, they’ve still stuck together. We hope that if we pursue individual activities in the future, we’ll still be able to stay as A Pink.”

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