“Style Log” Nana, Hong Jong Hyun and Jo Min Ho Strike a Pose

Style Log‘s” three MCs, After School/Orange Caramel’s Nana, Hong Jong Hyun and Jo Min Ho got together for a pretty snapshot posted on the official web site. The three are in trendy street fashion and showing off a cool attitude.

In the photo, Nana is the lone beauty and reveals her shapely legs in a sheer skirt. Her two companions, dashing gentlemen Hong Jong Hyun and Jo Min Ho do not lag behind in portraying some swagger. The three MCs are noted to have extraordinary good looks and are gaining attention.

“Style Log” is a trendy leisure, culture and lifestyle show where the three MCs serve as guide to downtown Seoul, for fashion people to pick up on some tips on the hottest spots and trends in fashion, beauty, living, interior design, art, and restaurants. It premiered on April 4.

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