Kim Gura Becomes “No Face” on “Four Sons One Daughter”

Honey Lee and Kim Gu Ra gave two very different feels when they draped a dark blanket over their heads.

On the April 4 episode of the MBC variety show, “Four Sons One Daughter,” the cast members went on a family trip to the public bath. While they were enjoying the sauna and eating their boiled eggs, the virtual family began to play with their blankets. When Honey Lee put the blanket over her head, her family members complimented her, telling her that she looked like an Arabian princess. 

However, when Kim Gu Ra did the same thing with his blanket, his family members pointed out that he looked like the character “No Face” from the animated movie, “Spirited Away.”


“Four Sons One Daughter” is a variety program where celebrities live with family in the countryside for four nights and five days.