Lee Min Ho Discussed the Hallyu Wave with Korean President Park Gun Hye

Hallyu top actor Lee Min Ho met with Korean president Park Geun Hye in a meeting about Korean culture and the Hallyu wave.

The two met on April 4 in Goyang, after Lee Min Ho received an invitation from Cheongwadae (The Blue House) and the Korea Creative Contents Agency. The other members of the meeting were important entertainment industry officials, and 200 college students were there to observe and learn about the topic of Hallyu and expanding Korean’s reach overseas. 

During the meeting Lee Min Ho said, “I am thankful for the love from the Korean fans, but I also feel a responsibility of spreading out cultural contents as Hallyu to other countries.” The actor talked about the industry should not just see Hallyu as something for profit, but a mean to exchange ideas across borders. He also brought up his concerns about protecting a celebrity’s image rights and content copy rights as Hallyu expands. 

President Park acknowledged his concerns and sympathized with him that it is very easy to use photos of celebrities, including Lee Min Ho. She thanked Lee Min Ho for representing Korea’s celebrities in the meeting. 

lee min ho