April Is Hip Hop Month with Comebacks from Baechigi, San E, Verbal Jint, Jay Park, Mad Clown

The month of April will be an exciting month for Korean hip hop fans with numerous rappers making their comebacks. The hip hop musicians will be going against the various boy groups, such as EXO and BEAST, that will also be making their comeback in this music filled month of April.

The artists Baechigi, San E, Verbal Jint, Jay Park, and Mad Clown will all make their comebacks. 

Hip hop group Baechigi began the April month of hip hop with their single “Dduraeyo” which is ranking first on online charts. The single is a fun hip hop track which will make you move. Enjoy the MV for “Dduraeyo” below.

Rapper Verbal Jint is coming out with his album “GO HARD Part.1” in the month of April. The album is the first of a three-part series. Enjoy the title song “Rewind” off his new album below.

Rapper Mad Clown has been teaming up with the members of SISTAR in his recent collaborations. His newest release “Without You” features SISTAR’s Hyorin, also known as Hyolyn. Enjoy Mad Clown’s single below.


Label AOMG‘s leader Jay Park is also set to come out with a new single “Metronome” on April 11 which will feature label mates Simon D and Gray

San E is also set to make a comeback in April. He topped the charts last year with the song “Story of Someone I Know.”

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