Lovely Actress Kim Sarang Defies Age in Beautiful Selca

Actress Kim Sarang posted a lovely selca on her Instagram page on March 3 with the short message “Winter finished.” The 36-year-old actress defies age in the picture, and looks more like a 21-year-old in the picture.

The actress looks youthful with her clear smooth skin, and long black hair. No wonder she is chosen to do so many CFs. Below is Kim Sarang in a CF for Lite-Up.

Kim Sarang last appeared in the 2010 drama “Secret Garden,” and has been taking a break from acting. The actress was crowned Miss Korea in the year 2000, and she participated in the Miss Universe contest in 2001 where she was awarded Best National Costume award for the hanbok.

Maybe’s Kim Sarang youthful appearance comes from her fitness routine. Watch Kim Sarang talk about her exercise routine in the video below.