“We Got Married Global Edition” Kim Heechul and Puff Kuo’s Wedding Photos Revealed

Wedding photos of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and his pretend wife, Puff Kuo, were revealed.

On April 5, Kim Heechul posted on his Instagram account a photo along with the caption, “Tonight at 10 PM. ‘We Got Married Global Edition,’ which all of you have been waiting for is airing. Please tune in for the show.”

In the photo, Kim Heechul poses with his pretend wife Puff Kuo. They showed the image of a soon-to-be-married couple dressed in a tuxedo and a wedding dress.

Kim Heechul and Puff Kuo will be showing their lives as a married couple on “We Got Married Global Edition Season 2.” Puff Kuo is a member of a Taiwanese girl group, Dream Girls. She is five years younger than Kim Heechul.

We Got Married Global Edition Season 2

Additional Photos:

We Got Married Global Edition Season 2 We Got Married Global Edition Season 2

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