Jung Joon Young’s and Jung Yoo Mi’s Fortunes Make Them Blush on “We Got Married”

Jung Joon Young could not hide his reaction after getting his fortunes told.

On MBC’s “We Got Married,” which aired on April 5, the Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi couple enjoyed a spring date.

The couple decided to visit a fortuneteller. The fortuneteller told Jung Yoo Mi, “If you’re married, it would be good to have a child this year.” This made Jung Yoo Mi blush in embarrassment.

Jung Joon Young asked about his business fortune and the fortuneteller told him, “There’s a chance you’ll be a victim of a scam or fraud. Be careful.” As the fortuneteller was reading his palm, he said, “You have a lot of women around you,” in a warning tone.

During the interview, Jung Joon Young commented, “The women around me are my fans.. no wait..Poca.”

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