Akdong Musician Makes Official Debut Performance on “K-Pop Star 3”

On the April 6 broadcast of SBS’ “K-Pop Star 3,” Akdong Musician, sibling duo and the winners of “K-Pop Star 2,” held its debut performance.

One year after winning “K-Pop Star 2,” the group returned to the “K-Pop Star” stage and performed “Melted” and “200%” for the first time.

Akdong Musician performed “Melted,” dressed in a white-colored wardrobe sitting on a set built in the shape of a house.

“Melted” metaphorically compares adults with ice. The track was a slow song, which showed a new side of the group.

The lyrics, “If the ice melted, then their songs would be warmer,” matched well with the string sound and Lee Soo Hyun’s charming and unique voice. Lee Chan Hyuk added to the dreamlike sound with his rapping and his vocal skills.

The stage continued with Akdong Musician’s performance of “200%.” The set for the performance of “200%” was created through Lee Chan Hyuk’s ideas. The mood of the stage was completely opposite from “Melted,” and the group showed off their hidden dance skills.

The siblings dressed in casual clothes wearing hats displaying their youthful charm. They showed a lively dance and brought out a smile from the YG CEO, Yang Hyuk Suk.

“200%” is an upbeat song with fun lyrics. The audience and viewers were captured by Lee Soo Hyun’s cute expressions and Lee Chan Hyuk’s light dance moves.

In an interview prior to their debut performance, Akdong Musician said, “K-Pop Star was a miraculous opportunity. We’re happy.”

The entire track of Akdong Musician’s first album will be released on April 7 through various online music sites. 

Check out their performance!



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