Tablo Gave Up Vegetarian Lifestyle Because of Kang Hye Jung?

Tablo has revealed that he stopped following a vegetarian diet after meeting his wife Kang Hye Jung.

On the April 6 episode of KBS2’s “Superman Returns,” the families traveled to Jeju Island and explored the beautiful island.

To enjoy a local speciality, Tablo, Kang Hye Jung, and Haru decided on a tasty chicken stew for their lunch. The actress expressed her love for food, “If you want to have a fun trip, you must eat at the region’s special restaurants.”

Soon after, Tablo begun to tell the story of how he and Kang Hye Jung first met. “At the time when I met her, I was a vegetarian. As soon as I met her, she asked me whether I liked meat or not, and I actually revealed that I was a vegetarian,” he said.

“She completely ignored what I said and ordered meat right away,” he continued, confusing Kang Hye Jung with his sudden confession. The actress quickly expressed her stance, “Well, it went more like ‘Should we go eat pork belly?'”

Tablo finally said to their daughter Haru, “After that I have not thought about being a vegetarian, and I have only been eating meat,” evoking laughter with his comment.