Buzz Will Return and Make Their Comeback Soon!

Yes, you’ve read correctly! It was recently announced that popular band Buzz has reunited and will be making their comeback with all five original members. Fans will soon be able to hear music produced by members Min Kyung Hoon (vocal), Shin Joon Ki (bass), Son Sung Hee (guitar), Yoon Woo Hyun (guitar), and Kim Ye Joon (drum).

On April 8, Min Kyung Hoon wrote on his fancafe a post titled, “Buzz Reunited Part 1.” In the post, the vocalist wrote, “Finished Joon Ki hyung’s wedding, and while we were preparing for the ceremony, all five of us got together and performed. We performed the song Joon Ki hyung composed and sang when he proposed. J K H (Korean initials) does not stand for remarriage.” Previously on April 2, the vocalist had wrote on his fancafe, “This year we will bring good news, with Joon Ki hyung getting married and there will be J K H.” The initials “J,H,K” seems to have been mistaken for the Korean word for remarriage, jae kyeol hon (which is really jae hon).

A representative of Buzz confirmed that J K H had meant ‘reunite,’ pointing to the band’s return. The representative commented, “The original members of Buzz have confirmed to come together. They will soon start producing music, and a new album will be released this year.”

Buzz debuted back in 2003 with the song “Maybe,” and was able to successfully grab the attention of  music listeners. Yet, the group was able to solidify their name through their mega hit songs “Coward” and “Travel to Me.”

We can’t wait to hear what Buzz has in store for us! In the meantime, check out this old performance of their famous song, “Coward.”

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