2PM’s Chansung Starring in Chinese Dating Reality Program, “If You Love Me”

2PM’s Chansung will be starring in the new Chinese reality dating program, “If You Love Me” (working English title), a spin-off of the Korean “We Got Married.” With this, all of the 2PM members will have been in fantasy relationships/marriages.

Nichkhun was on “We Got Married Season 2” with f(x)’s Victoria, Jun.K on tvN’s “The Romantic & Idol” with AOA‘s HyejeongTaecyeon on “We Got Married Global” with Gui Gui,  Junho on “Music and Lyrics” with Kim So Eun, and currently, Wooyoung on “We Got Married Season 4” with Park Se Young

According to several broadcast officials, Chansung filmed for “If You Love Me” last month, and was spotted on a ‘date’ with his fantasy partner Ada Liu (Liu Yan), who is ten years older than he.

Also appearing in the Chinese variety show are miss A’s Fei and fantasy boyfriend Sunny Wang (Wang Yang Ming), among others.

if you love me