A Pink Says They Haven’t Experienced Their First Kiss Yet

Girl group A Pink recently confessed that they have not yet experienced their first kiss, so they think of their fans while dancing the key choreography moves for “Mr.Chu.” 

On April 9, A Pink appeared as guests on MBC’s music show, “Show Champion.” MC Kang In asked A Pink members, “Since none of you have experienced a first kiss yet, what do you think about when you’re dancing to [Mr.Chu]?”

Jung Eunji replied, “Since I’ve already had a kiss scene in a drama before, I don’t think I can say that I have never been kissed.” She then added, “Since our A Pink members haven’t had their first kiss yet, they think of their fans while doing the [Mr. Chu] dance.” 

The part of the choreography for “Mr.Chu” that Kang In is referring to, is where the members hold a finger to their lips and point it away while saying “Chu” to mimic a kiss being blown.