PD Explains Difference Between BEAST’s “Showtime” And EXO’s “Showtime”

BEAST will be returning to meet with their fans through a reality show! 

On April 10, BEAST attended a press conference for their upcoming MBC Every1 reality show, “Showtime.” After wrapping up their promotions for “Shadow” last year, BEAST plans to make their comeback in May, making it ten months since the group last reunited for official activities. But before making their official comeback, fans will get a chance to catch up with the BEAST members through, “Showtime!” 

PD Jang Jae Hyuk said during the press conference, “BEAST is already a top idol group. Just the fact that they’re BEAST will make the program television-worthy. Fans will also be able to see unexpected sides to BEAST as well if they watch the show. When EXO was on ‘Showtime,’ the atmosphere was fresh and not very organized, but even during the first recording BEAST was able to deliver a stable and full performance. Some surprising characters will appear. Although the viewers will be able to feel a relaxed atmosphere, there will be humor and wit in there too. They’ll think, ‘Wow, BEAST has this side to them too?’” 

Burning the BEAST” aired its first episode on April 10 KST!