NS Yoon Ji Releases 19+ Version Music Video for “Yasisi”

After releasing the 15+ rated music video for her single “Yasisi” last week, solo singer NS Yoon Ji (NS Yoon-G) released a sexier version of the music video through 1theK‘s official YouTube channel.

This version of the music video is called the “original version” and is similar to the previously released one, but with added clips of NS Yoon Ji sexily getting up from her bed and changing into her clothes as her new (and slightly incompetent) bodyguard watches. Fans who enjoyed the first music video for his sexiness, will likely enjoy this version even more.

“Yasisi” is a retro tango-like song with a hip hop rhythm, featuring Latin style guitar and piano, and is a collaboration between hit-makers Duble Sidekick and writer Seion, who is most known for her work in Japan.