9 Adorable Faces You’ve Yet to See From Chu Sarang

Mixed martial artist Chu Sung Hoon’s daughter, Chu Sarang, recently revealed nine distinct, adorable faces for her fans!

On April 10, a children’s apparel company revealed the B-cut photos from a recent pictorial featuring the adorable Chu Sarang. In nine different faces, Chu Sarang demonstrates how she has come to win over viewers with her cute expressions and personality. 

Chu Sarang first gained popularity through the show, “Superman Returns,” where celebrity fathers typically give moms two days off so that they can spend some quality time with their children. 

In the photos, Chu Sarang sticks out her tongue, laughs aloud, looks a bit lost, gives a thumbs-up sign and raises an eyebrow in slight confusion. Chu Sarang’s charm also lies with her unique hairstyle.