Hong Jin Young Makes Nam Goong Min Speechless on “We Got Married”

Singer Hong Jin Young acknowledged her previous relationship and threw a fastball against her pretend husband, actor Nam Goong Min.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” which aired on April 12, Hong Jin Young introduced Nam Goong Min to her friends, Shinji of Koyote and Joo Hyun of SPICA.

During their meeting Shinji asked Nam Goong Min, “When you searched Hong Jin Young on the Internet, didn’t you find another name in the search?” hinting on Hong Jin Young’s previous relationship. Nam Goong Min answered, “Ah…” signaling that he remembered.

Shinji tried to mitigate the situation by saying, “We (Hong Jin Young, Shinji, and male subject) were all close friends,” to Nam Goong Min, but Hong Jin Young corrected her and said, “No,  I did go out with him. Everyone knew about our relationship.” She added, “I dated publicly. I’m sure Nam Goong Min tried everything even though he didn’t date publicly,” leaving Nam Goong Min speechless. 

hong jin young, nam goong min